Access to Canada and the USA

Offices in strategic locations

International Network

Partnerships that go beyond North America

Dedicated Skilled Experts

Both Locally and Internationally

Tailored Packages

From SMB’s to Multi-National Corporations, we have the capacity to tailor your needs to our workforce.

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Protect Your Product

We help our clients navigate local and international regulations, certifications, trademarks, and government relations.

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Practice Market Intelligence

We find the strategic point-of-entry through sector trend analysis to help guide your company to lower risk and higher return.

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Featured AGG Services

We are more than manufacturer representatives.
We have services that cater to market entry, strategy, and growth.

Market Sectors we work with

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Vital to building materials in rising infrastructure and commercial real estate investment, AGG partners with firms in various types of Stones.

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Power & Energy

As the Energy market starts to get more complex, AGG continuously works with its partners to adapt to market conditions.

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Used for everything from basic Consumer Goods to the Defense industry, constant demand in a growing North American market share benefits both AGG and its partners.

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Consumer Goods and Textiles

Much of North America’s raw exports end up returning as Consumer Goods or Textiles. We work with Manufacturers
that lack representation, but seek to capitalize in one of the strongest marketplaces in the world.

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Access Globe's Advantage

At Access Globe Group, we work with companies and factories that represent an array of industries, geographies and stages; including buyout, growth equity, and emerging market expansion.

With our unique experience in various industries, we are able to leverage our partner businesses and products in the USA and Canada markets. We accomplish this by creating unique selling prepositions through our well-established communications channels.

With an accumulated experience of more than 20 years, AGG stands out as a unique partner company for business expansion into Canada and the USA.

Access the biggest market. Access the Globe.