About Us

at Access Globe Group

Why North America?

Accessibility is what the USA and Canada provides.

Besides being top two G-20 countries for GDP growth, they provide a pipeline to partners everywhere in the world.

  • Top G7 Countries for GDP Growth
  • Top 5 G20 for Doing Business
  • Top 2 G7 Infrastructure Investment
  • Financial Stability
  • Strong Consumer Purchasing Power
  • Preferential Market Access
  • Import-Oriented Market
  • Diverse Consumer Tastes

At a Glance

At Access Globe Group, we work with companies and factories that represent an array of industries, geographies and stages; including buyout, growth equity, and emerging market expansion.

With an accumulated experience of more than 20 years, AAG stands out as a unique partner company for business expansion into Canada and the USA.


The world is small now. We have locations spanning North America, and partners across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.


Industries change quickly these days. Being lean and adaptive is a necessity for success. We anticipate trends and position ourselves accordingly.


Our staff consists of Men and Women from various cultures, backgrounds, and native languages. This diversity is vital for global success across a span of industries.

What Sets Us Apart

With our unique experience in various industries, we are able to leverage our partner businesses and products in the USA and Canada markets. We accomplish this by creating unique selling prepositions through our well-established communications channels.

We acquire dedicated professionals who consistently aim high for their clients whether at our Montreal headquarters or one of our 4 other satellite offices, and with our collaborators in Gulf and MENA region.

Our representation model stems out from our comprehensive acquired experience in a multitude of markets, along with the wide network base we develop. We have secured substantial growth from international companies and factories in North America with a set of exclusive services, ranging from Manufacturer Representation, Sales Growth, Business Development, Legal Affairs and Government Relations, Market Intelligence, and Marketing Communications.

Ready To Excel

Experience and adaptability matters. We are ready to handle your challenge.

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Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum