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Manufacturer Representative

We represent Manufacturers who are looking for a cost-effective method of expanding their product into Canada and the United States.  The Access Globe Group, regardless of firm size, offers a comprehensive package of value-added services that enhances the manufacturer’s marketing, sales, and growth process.

We provide a physical presence for your Brand and Product.  Potential customers are quickly able to communicate with a local team of professionals with 30+ years experience.  We build understanding and trust with potential clients and growth is obtained at a fraction of the cost.

Our Manufacturer Representatives know their market and products because they work in a specific industry and have a native understanding of their geographic area.  We help introduce products into one of the largest market pipelines in the world. 

Our clients experience the following benefits of retaining the Access Globe Group as a Manufacturer Representative:

North American Physical Presence

Potential and pre-existing clients are now able to do business with your company at their convenience. No more lost sales.

Physical offices are located across the country, with business hours phone services available.

Ability to build trust and your Brand by understanding the regional nuances in communications.

Ease of conducting local market research.

Logistics and Supplier Coordination

Building diversified communication channels to empower product sales from generating leads to delivery and feedback. Logistics entails hiring professional staff, marketing, communication, and sales force along with transportation and insurance support.

End-User Interaction

Meetings with potential clients face-to-face or via video teleconferencing.

Liaise with local contacts more easily and efficiently.

Phone presence during normal business hours, which is often an issue for international firms.

Increased Reach

Our offices reach more than just our Canadian and United States markets. Utilizing us as Manufacturer Representatives will boost your brand power in your domestic markets.

Additionally, we reach out to more than just standard channels, such as attendance in Chamber of Commerce meetings to increase exposure, relationships, and sales. Standard channels aren’t forgotten, as we also offer Representation in Canada and USA trade shows, exhibitions, and events.

International expansion is not necessarily the best way to grow your company. The North American market is big enough for most manufacturers to expand almost indefinitely. But entering the international arena can protect you against the risk of decline in domestic markets and, most important, significantly improve your overall growth potential. 

By using our representative workforce, your product has potential for enhanced exposure without the time, cost, or effort associated with starting an international branch for your company.