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Sales and Growth

We at the Access Globe Group provide Full Sales Services to complement our Manufacturer Representatives, expanding product growth significantly.

You receive access to a market that is already being managed by our firm.  The distributors, territory, and end users are already familiar by over two decades of sales history. Ultimately an experienced manufacturers’ representative firm is much less costly to train and comes up to speed faster. You get immediate access to the market, at a substantially lower cost.

Utilizing our Sales Services often results in better brand awareness, happier clients, more sales, and largely reduced costs.

Here is a list of some of the Sales services we offer:

Sales Development

Multi-national and Regional Sales.

Dedicated and active Sales Team per your industry needs and focus.

Broad network and relationship establishment for potential clients.

Access to already-established relationships throughout various sectors.

Sales Channel Communication

Maintaining current client relationships with a clear line of communication.

Promotional event scheduling and sales.

Face-to-face meetings with potential clients.

Direct Sales

Constant building of the Sales Funnel, from initial sourcing of leads to the closure of the sale.

Forecasting and Quota Management.

Negotiation and Arbitration

We help to settle business disputes with independent arbitrators and provide a decision which is final and legally binding on both parties. Arbitration can be preferred for its privacy.

Negotiation complexities are traversed with our multi-ethnic team that understands the nuances and cultural sensitivities that can often disrupt a possible partnership or deal.

Sales with Convenience

The travel expenses of a direct salesperson can be as high as his or her salary. Costs can easily add-up: phone expenses, benefits package, expense accounts, company vehicle, and maintaining a sales force.  The true cost of a sales employee can be 2.5 times their salary when costs like admin support, auto commission, office space, benefits, holidays, technology and travel are taken into account. We are able to mitigate most costs, and streamline your growth into a foreign market.

To quote the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association:

“It’s estimated that the fully burdened cost of supporting an industrial sales territory with a factory-internal salesperson is $150,000 to $200,000 per year. And manufacturers sometimes find that high-value territories require more than a single one factory-internal salesperson to provide adequate coverage, which can double, triple, or even quadruple that cost.”   

“Manufacturers who support their sales territories with manufacturers’ representatives often report achieving deeper market penetration than they could achieve with factory-internal salespeople and direct cost savings of 30-45%.”

With the Access Globe Group’s assistance, you don’t have to hire or train sales people.  Our sales people have established territories and customers they know well, providing a more reliable source for market intelligence.  They give you access to a broader, more stable source of market feedback. With people on the ground and an internal team who specialize in generating direct sales for international companies, export revenue growth can be achievable, profitable and take less time then typically budgeted.

Sales Made Easy

We can locate, vet, and negotiate agreements quickly and efficiently, as we have unique access to massive databases of sales agents, and already-existing strategic relationships.  Besides immediate access to a Senior Sales team, we hire technically qualified, goal oriented, strongly motivated individuals to represent your company. 

The Access Globe Group is greatly invested in our business, reputation and region. We invest time and money to build a future for your company and ours. Your company gets the immediate benefit of our investment, commitment and years of achievements.